I need help. I'm trying to write a sentence and I've hit a dead end in my vocabulary. What I have so far of my sentence is "I hope people who spend time and visit my public space feel welcomed". I'm trying to add another word to this sentence but I can't seem to think of any words that fit what I'm trying to say in this sentence. I'm looking for a word that means, the feeling confiding or trusting in someone or something. What I'm trying to say or describe with this sentence is, I want people who come to my public space to feel like you're being hugged by someone who will support you unconditionally and always be there to help you no matter what. I want people who visit my public space to feel like they can just be themselves and no one will judge, they should feel like they could tell someone every thing and not have it be used to stab you in the back, they should feel like they can help people and have more of an impact and that it actually gave them a voice that matters. If someone can help me incorporate all that into better sentences, I'd appreciate that very much.

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asked by Tessa
  1. You have said a lot in your description...so some of that could go into your sentence.
    visit my non-judgmental space
    ... feel welcomed and supported unconditionally.

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    posted by John

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