1. Describe the effect of the Great Depression on Georgians. Select all that apply.

A. Many rural Georgians were so used to poverty due to the state's poor economy in the late 1920s that they hardly noticed the Great Depression
B. Unlike most states, Georgia was not interdependent on the rest of the nation, so the Great Depression did not effect the state
C. Georgia's economy was suffering so badly that, by 1930, the state government could not pay its own bills***
D. During the 1920s and 1930s, it was easier for African Americans and other minorities to find work than it was for white males

Am I right?

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  1. You'll need to double-check in your text for this one. I doubt any tutors have studied the history of Georgia.

    You may also need to use www.google.com with this phrase as keywords:
    "effect of the Great Depression on Georgians"

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