Social studies

1. Over which main point did Sunnis and Shias disagree?

A.the role of women in Muslim society

B.what should be included in the Sharia

C.who should be Muhammad's successor**

D.the role of religion in government

2. Why did Islam spread through much of Southwest Asia during the 650s and 660s?

A.Muhammad traveled widely there during this period.

B.Muslim armies conquered the Persian Empire.**

C.Roman missionaries spread Islam to new regions.

D.Demand for goods meant more traders came to the region.

3. Which form of literature was important to Muslim culture during the era of the Islamic caliphates?

A.stories about heroes and gods

B.dramatic plays about Muhammad and his followers

C.oral poetry about their tribes and their enemies**

D.long novels about religious subjects

4. Drag and drop the vocabulary words to complete the sentences. Words may be used once or not at all.

Inquisition, Portugal, Reconquista, Spain

The _Reconquista_ was a movement to drive Muslims from _Spain_. It resulted in the creation of a mostly Christian kingdom there, as well as the establishment of the new Christian kingdom of


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  1. 1. agree
    2. disagree
    3. probably so
    4. agree

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  2. The answers are
    1. C
    2. B
    3. A
    4. Well you were right on that one

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  3. thanks

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  4. Be careful of these lists of answers. Sometimes kids deliberately post wrong answers. Sometimes teachers and/or test publishers mix the questions and answer choices up. Sometimes they change them completely!


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  5. thanks @hello 100%

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  6. thz i hope you guys have a good year

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  7. Over which main point did Sunnis and Shias disagree?

    the role of women in Muslim society

    what should be included in the Sharia

    who should be Muhammad's successor

    the role of religion in government

    i am pretty sure the RIGHT answer is A.

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  8. @Hello Is correct ^^

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  9. I love how the answer machine put their answers but I only have four answers and the only one that I have and they have is the first one but thank you for putting it like that.

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  10. hello was 100000000000% correct

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  11. hello is correct!!

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  12. C
    Reconquista Spain. Portugal

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  13. thx guys i got 100%

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  14. how come my test has 10 questions :(

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