social studies

how did the bronze impact early European society?select two that apply

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  1. "select two … "
    Two of what?

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  2. A.People could make stronger weapons.

    The use of bronze led to the start of agriculture.

    People lived more independently from one another.

    Different ethnic groups began to work and live together peacefully.

    Societies traded with other groups to acquire the materials to make bronze.

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  3. A and E

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  4. 1) A and E
    2) A
    3) D
    4) B
    5) increased contact and trade with Asia
    6) B
    7) had the palace of Versailles built was King Louis XIV
    established the city of St. Petersburg was Peter the Great
    was a supporter of the arts was Queen Elizabeth I
    helped establish American colonies was King Phillip II
    8) reason and religion
    9) C
    10) A
    Hope this helps
    100% (:

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