Social Studies


The Question is:

Write a paragraph discussing how the Crusades affected the Non-Christians and the Christians?

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  1. No one here will write your assignment for you. However, if you post what you write (no 1st or 2nd drafts, please), someone may be able to critique your thinking and writing for you.

    Be sure you go back into your text or study materials and reread it all with this particular question in mind. Take notes and then write your paragraph.

  2. Ok. Thanks for your response.

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  3. oof

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  4. lmfao I love this guy

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  5. i'm a christian and the lord will always be NOT with you.

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  6. Sup guys, anyone wanna know Obama's last name?

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  7. Obama's last name is probably "Care" or maybe even "Bin Laden", but nobody really knows.

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  8. I thought his last name was big chungus

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  9. it affected themin noway

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  11. .

  12. His last name is also Obama. But, according to Newton's 69th law, he goes by Obama.

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  13. I like how all of you guys/girls got off-topic so fast. It is funny. LOL

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