4.2.7 - Quick Check: Estimating by Rounding 4. Microsoft® Excel > 4.2. Estimating by Rounding

Which formula would you use to round the number in cell B5 to the nearest 10?
A. MROUND(B5,10)
B. =MROUND(B5,10)
C. =MROUND: B5,10

Which of the following terms means: an approximate number rather than an exact answer?
A. estimate
B. actual
C. addend
D. sum

Estimate the answer to the following problem by rounding to the nearest 10:

13 + 46 + 87 =
A. 130
B. 155
C. 160
D. 150

What is the purpose of the AutoSum feature in Microsoft® Excel?
A. to automatically add all numbers in all cells in a workbook
B. to add a list of numbers in a spreadsheet
C. to put a list of numbers in order before finding the sum
D. to estimate the total of a list of numbers

In the following equation, which number is the sum?

30 + 20 + 50 = 100
A. 30
B. 20
C. 50
D. 100

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  1. If you post your answers, someone may check them for you.

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  2. I think the answers are


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  3. d — I don't know
    c — No
    a — No
    b — Yes
    d — Yes

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  4. well i can only help with one answer. Try looking for the definition of each of the words from the options. That could help.

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  5. 1.b
    100% correct :)

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  6. anwers u are 100

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