What is 7,999,875,890 x 8,456,876,900,867

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  1. 67,653,965,623,943,833,396,630 I love math, but this is the craziest problem I have ever had.

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  2. Put those numbers into Google or a good calculator. So easy.

  3. But the point is to see if you can mutiply. I did it on paper and above is what I got.

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  4. but isn't that cheating writeacher?

    Writeacher says — Everyone needs to learn all the different tools at his/her disposal. You should know how to use paper and pencil, calculators, Google,, and any other online calculator. Why would you learn to use only one?

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  5. If the point was to " is to see if you can multiply" it could just as readily been achieved with a problem such as
    but I guess they didn't just want you to use a calculator, since a standard calculator could not carry all the digits of the answer.

    but, from the best there is .....

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