Social Studies

How did communist and nationalist forces influence China? Select the three correct answers.

They encouraged the opening of China to foreign trade.

They caused political conflict and civil war.

They worked together to overthrow China's last imperial dynasty.

They prevented the Japanese from occupying China.

They encouraged Chinese officials to launch democratic reforms.

They split China into a northern communist nation and a southern non-communist nation.

They gave rise to authoritarian forms of government.

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  1. My answers are

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  2. @Mrs.Sue please help

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  3. They are all wrong.
    Please study your assignment before you post wild guesses here for everyone to see!

    And there is no Mrs. Sue here.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. @Ms.Sue,

    You are being a hypocrite, with all due respect. I saw you answer this same question for someone else and agreed that D was correct. So you are either being dishonest to the other person or this person. You can read a text and not understand it. Mind blowing concept. If you're going to call yourself a "tutor" instead of an answer checker that does not know what she is talking about, then you need to be willing to actually explain instead of post Google and Wikipedia links for kids to read, read, read. Some kid's don't get the text and need it explained. No one is forcing you to be a tutor, but if you are going to volunteer as one, then you need to be prepared to take the role of a helpful tutor, not that of a dismissive parent. The only person on this site with Admin privileges that I have seen who writes an explanation for topics is Damon and rarely, Writeacher. If you are going to tutor, then tutor. If you are going to be a school version of Google. Then at least call yourself a Schooge (School + Google + Schoogle or a School Google, like a wikipedia guide) and not a tutor.

    Nice day.


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