1. Which of the following statements would describe the significance of the Battle of Kettle Creek?
A. The British gained arms and ammunition
B. The backcountry of Georgia fell under British control***
C. The morale of Georgia militia was lifted by this victory
D. The Patriots lost many men and horses

2. Which person was a Patriot leader at the Battle of Kettle Creek?
A. Austin Dabney
B. Elijah Clarke
C. George Washington
D. Colonel Archibald Campbell***

3. Which country tried to help the Patriots recapture Savannah?
A. Spain
B. England
C. Canada
D. France***

4. Which of the following marked the end of the American Revolution?
A. Cornwallis's surrender in 1781
B. Siege of Savannah
C. Battle of Kettle Creek***
D. Pulaski's death in 1779

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  1. https://www.google.com/search?q=battle+of+kettle+creek

    You, too, can put your questions into www.google.com and read to find answers.

    However, your text is your best source of information.

    (Hint: Your choice for #4 is wrong.)

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  2. Thank you, I am reading over my book right now and it says the Treaty of Paris ended the war. But that is not one of my answer choices. I cant find what marked the end of the war in my book. But, my second choice was B

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  3. Nvm I was wrong, it's actually

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  4. https://www.google.com/search?q=end+of+the+American+Revolution

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Can someone check my answers is right 👍

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  6. C
    He/She was right the second time I got 100% on
    Quick Check: Georgia in the Later Revolution. 4 questions:)

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