Ben recently purchased a new home. In order to be able to afford the home, he came up with a budget that breaks down his monthly income as follows; 30% for housing, 20% for food, 22% for utilities, 10% for savings, 6% for entertainment, 12% for personal items. Ben has a net income of $4000 per month. Calculations for a budget are identical tp calculations for tips and commissions.

1. Last month Ben spent $380 on food and $420 on personal items. What percent of his monthly income did he spend on these items?

Please help, I've tried to find an answer but it doesn't make sense to me.

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  1. 380 + 420 = x

    x/4000 = ??
    Convert the decimal to its equivalent percent.

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  2. wait so would it be 0.2%?

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  3. wait OOOOOOOOOH

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  4. you do 380+420=800

    then 800/4000=0.20

    and then you do 0.20x100=20

    so then 20 is ur answer

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  5. How do I set up a proportion about this problem

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