1. Which of the following resulted from the threat in Spain in Flordia?

a. Forts were build and fortified in southern Georgia.
b. a regiment of soldiers was sent to Georgia from Englang.
c. Forts were built in northern Georgia.
d. all of the above

2. Which are reasons Georgia was created? select all that apply

a. to aid in the defense of south Carolina
b. to assist in keeping protesters out of the south
c. to serve as a buffer against the French in Florida
d. to serve as a buffer between Spain and all the British colonies in the North

3. Which is true regarding Oglethorpe's participation in the war with Spain?

a. he drove Spain out of the new world entirely
b. he forfeited South Carolina to Spain in order to save Georgia
c. he lost Georgia and other colonies to Spain
d. he prevented Spain from encroaching on British colonies

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  1. Be sure to post what YOU THINK each answer is. Then someone here will check them for you.

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  2. what are the answer?????

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  3. 1.d

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  4. Sorry is correct.

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  5. Sorry is 100% correct, if your on connexus

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