If anyone could check my work on these science questions that'd be great, thank you!

Which statement describes metamorphic rock formation?

A. Layers build up over time ***

B. Magma cools and hardens.

C. Once-living organisms become buried.

D. Pressure causes rock to change.

How can Earth’s layers be defined? Select the two correct answers.

A. by their asthenospheres

B. by their proximities to the core

C. by their chemical compositions ***

D. by their physical properties ***

E. by their amounts of land area

What was Mohorovičić's observation?

A. Seismic waves travelled at varying speeds.

B. Seismic waves travelled at constant speeds. ***

C. Seismic waves could not go through the brittle crust.

D. Seismic waves penetrated all Earth's layers.
Which of Earth's layers has the same chemical composition as the mesosphere?

A. asthenosphere

B. lithosphere

C. outer core ***

D. inner core
Which evidence would confirm that a given rock layer is newer than the layers around it?

A. It has been crumpled and folded, while the other layers lie flat.

B. Other layers have been deposited above it.

C. It cuts through all the other layers.

D. It is horizontally-oriented. ***
What should a model of the rock cycle show as the process that changes metamorphic rock to igneous rock?

A. melting followed by cooling

B. weathering followed by erosion

C. compaction followed by cementation

D. heating followed by pressure ***

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  1. Actually wait, I'm going to change 2's answer to A and C!

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  2. 6. correct.
    5. I don't like any of the answers.

    You missed all others. Are you guessing?

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  3. bruh what are the answers for the quiz

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