Which option best describes how the printing press transformed European society?

Prior to the printing press, the Church of England did not allow peasants to learn to read.
Prior to the printing press, the Orthodox Church recited Luther’s “95 Theses” aloud to peasants.
Prior to the printing press, the Catholic Church hand-copied texts and disseminated them to peasants.
Prior to the printing press, knowledge was reserved primarily for nobles and clergy.


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  1. Oops! A is NOT right.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Oh ok is it D? I'm pretty sure that peasants weren't allowed to get educations and read right?

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  3. D is not right either. Peasants weren't forbidden to learn to read, but they didn't have much access to literacy.

    I've checked two of your guesses. You're on your own now. Please do not post this question again.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Actually, I don't think any of those potential answers is correct.

    A is incorrect because the Church of England was established in 1534, well after the invention of the printing press (c. 1440). In addition, even though peasants weren't forbidden to learn to read, very few (if any) had the leisure to learn. They were too busy feeding and sheltering their families.

    B is incorrect because the Orthodox Church is not same as the Roman Catholic Church. Plus, it was centered in Constantinople, not in England or Germany.

    C is incorrect because the texts were disseminated to literate people in the church and among the nobles, not the peasants.

    D is incorrect because there were no laws or rules ("knowledge was reserved") preventing peasants from learning to read and having texts. See A above.

    The closest one is D -- but only if you take the "knowledge was reserved" idea very broadly. But still, there were no laws preventing ...

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  5. shut up Ms. Sue

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  6. I believe the answer is D.

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  7. OMG ITS B!

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  8. The correct answer is D

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  9. so D right? this is confusing

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  10. haha 2020 be da worst

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