Each equation has to be balanced, please help

1. Erbium metal (Er) can be prepared by reacting erbium(III) fluoride with magnesium; the other product is magnesium fluoride.

(a) What substance is reduced?
(b) What is the reducing agent?
(c) What substance is oxidized?
(d) What is the oxidizing agent?

2. Europium (Eu) is used in older television screens to give a red color. The metal can be prepared by electrolysis of molten europium(III) chloride; chlorine gas is a by-product.
(a) What substance is reduced?
(b) What is the reducing agent?
(c) What substance is oxidized?
(d) What is the oxidizing agent?

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asked by Jen
  1. 1. Can you write equation? Why or why not?
    2. After you have the equation, what is your problem in balancing.
    3. Here is a tutorial on how to balance redox equations
    In addition to balancing this url shows how to determne oxidation states etc. You can learn a lot from this site..

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