Simplify (-24x^3+18x+6)/(6x+3)


I need a bit help on this. I don't know how to do it. I think the first step is divide 18x+6 with 6x+3 and 6x+3 divide by 6x+3.

Am I on the right track? Please help

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  1. Dividing just part of the numerator won't get you very far.
    In cases like this, your best bet is to look for common factors. The denominator is very simple, so you should look for a factor of (2x+1) in the numerator.

    (-24x^3+18x+6) = -6(4x^3-3x-1) = -6(x-1)(2x+1)^2
    so now your expression becomes
    -6(x-1)(2x+1)^2 / 3(2x+1) = -2(x-1)(2x+1) = -4x^2+2x+2

  2. Thank you!

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  3. know the answers to the full connexus test?

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  4. tell em lmaoo

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