HA and HB are two strong monobasic acids.
25.0cm3 of 6.0moldm–3 HA is mixed with 45.0cm3 of 3.0moldm–3 HB.
What is the H+(aq) concentration, in mol dm–3, in the resulting solution? A 1.9
B 2.1
C 4.1
D 4.5

could you please explain how you reach an answer

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  1. Molarity = M = mols/dm^3 = millimols/cc so you find the millimols of HA and the millimols of HB, add them for the total and divide by the total cc,

    mmols HA = cc x M = 25.0 x 6.0 = ? 150?
    mmols HB = 45.0 x 3.0 = ? = 135?
    total millimols = 150 + 135 = 285
    total cc = 25.0 + 45.0 = 70?
    total (H^+) = 285/70 = ? M

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  2. thanks for the help

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  3. np

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