Which of the following details about the authors life most likely influenced her ideas for the novel, Walk Two Moons?

A. She came from a large family
B. Her family was typically a noisy and rowdy bunch
C. She enjoyed family vacations piled in the car on long car drives
D. As a child she often had visiting relatives and friends at her house

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  1. What theme does Walk Two Moons have? What is the story like? After you think about that, you can look at these answers and see which is most like Walk Two Moons. I haven't read the book before so I can't be much help aside from this.

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  2. One thing we've noticed about some of the Connections students is that they skip right to the questions without doing the assigned reading or instructional teachings.

    I hope that isn't the case with "conexus user" since, if s/he has actually read the book, s/he will know the plot and which elements of the story are reflections of the author's own life.

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