1. I will leave at exactly five o'clock.
2. I will leave at five o'clock exactly.
3. I will leave exactly at five o'clock.

4. I will leave at precisely five o'clock.
5. I will leave at five o'clock precisely.
6. I will leave precisely at five o'clock

7. I will leave at promptly five o'clock.
8. I will leave at five o'clock promptly.
9. I will leave promptly at five o'clock

10. I will leave at just five o'clock.
11. I will leave at five o'clock just.
12. I will leave just at five o'clock.
Thank you for your help. I think we can use 'exactly', 'promptly', 'precisely', and 'just' to say something happened on time. By the way, how about the word orders? Which sentences are grammatical in terms of the word order?

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  1. Sentences 1-9 and 12 are all correct. Congratulations!!

    The adverb "just" is out of place in 10 and 11.

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