social studies

How did communist and nationalist forces influence China? Select all that apply.

They encouraged the opening of China to foreign trade.

They caused political conflict and civil war.

They worked together to overthrow China's last imperial dynasty.

They prevented the Japanese from occupying China.

They encouraged Chinese officials to launch democratic reforms.

They split China into a northern communist nation and a southern non-communist nation.

They gave rise to authoritarian forms of government.

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  1. I'll be glad to check your answers.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I picked B,F,G

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  3. Is that right Ms.Sue?

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  4. Ms. Sue please help

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  5. Will someone just post the answers

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  6. the answers are B and D.

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  7. Im not adding numbers or the entire questions cuz its an entire test and i aint spending an hour typing, good luck!




    Homo, Aino, Mongol & Manchu

    C=Gov decides how much of an aitem should be produced, Legal Policies
    M=Buisness owners, Prices are set

    Japan=Parliment Demo
    NK= CA
    SK= Pres Demo
    Taiwan= Semi-

    Causing Earthquakes, tsu's, and Volcanoes


    C and E [ONLY]



    Bali, Indo

    Mala=Government limitations
    East Timor= Relatively free


    A and B [ONLY]

    B, C, G [ONLY]


    Overpopulation [Short Answer]

    Just look up "Gold, gold and glory" for this Q

    This one is fairly easy, just do a bit of google.

    Good Luck, sorry I spoke in hieroglyphics.

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  8. bro thanks

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  9. thank you so much

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  10. Your a lifesaver dude. 100%

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  11. Yes!!! I Agree:)

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  12. The answers are B,C,G. I have a study guide they gave me so :)

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  13. I don't understand without numbers XDIi'm not that I just don't know which ones I should be changing/answering.)

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  14. im confused immayeetmy self , stuff is not in order

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  15. thx ImmaYeetMyselfOffaBridge! I was a it confused on the last few questions tho.

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  16. Ms. Sue, we need you. PLEASE HELP!!!


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