Factor by identifying a common factor in each term.

g) 6xy2 = (3x) (?)
h) 25a3b2 = (5a2b2) (?)
i) 6x + 6y + 6p

j) x(x+2) + y (x + 2) - 5(x + 2)

k) 5y2 - 10y3

l) ax + ay + az

m) yx(y+1) + 4x(y + 1) - 5(y + 1)
n) 6p2 - 3p3
o) 4x4 + 2x
Please help

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  1. instead of 25a3b2 = (5a2b2) (?), write exponent form this way:
    25a^3b^2 = (5a^2b^2) (?)
    In a way, all you need to ask is "What's missing to complete the multiplication"
    e.g. 5 times "what" will give me 25" ? ----> 5
    a^2 times what will give me a^3 ? ----> another a
    b^2 times what will give me b^2 ? -----> clearly 1
    so 5a^3b^2 = (5a^2b^2) (5a)

    do the others the same way, let's see your answers.

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    posted by Reiny

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