Language Arts

1. Which group of words is a phrase?
A. you will nail the test
B. in the rain
C. the time was up
D. she is busy
E. the statue

Answer: B

2. Which phrase begins with a preposition?
A. could not run
B. for her sake
C. signs on the wall
D. sailing in the sea
E. ate the cookies

Answer: B

3. Which phrase does not begin with a preposition?
A. at your perusal
B. upon the table
C. dinner on the table
D. from your bag
E. in the lawn

Answer: C

4. Which phrase begins with a present participle?
A. gliding down the freeway
B. run over by a car
C. ordered by the judge
D. beyond the earth’s atmosphere
E. on top of that

Answer: E

5. What is the clause in this sentence?

When I left it behind, I felt bad.
A. left it behind
B. I felt
C. felt bad
D. When I left
E. when I left it behind

Answer: E

6. Which group of words is a clause?
A. from the kitchen
B. on the table
C. when I finished it
D. signs on the map
E. in the playground

Answer: C

7. What is the clause in this sentence?

We knew that it had begun.
A. we knew
B. that it had begun
C. had begun
D. knew that
E. knew that it had

Answer: B

8. Which group of words is a clause?
A. the effort was worth it
B. answering the phone
C. dinner time
D. eating chocolates
E. from your school

Answer: A

9. Which type of phrase is underlined in the sentence?

We practiced (at the park.)
A. prepositional phrase
B. participial phrase
C. adverbial phrase
D. adjectival phrase
E. verb phrase

Answer: A

10. In a prepositional phrase, what is the noun or pronoun called?
A. subject of the preposition
B. function of the preposition
C. support of the preposition
D. object of the preposition
E. rule of the preposition

Answer: D

11. Which phrase is a participial phrase?
A. hearing his footsteps
B. we ran away
C. sing along
D. full of toys
E. baked bread

Answer: A

12. Which phrase is a prepositional phrase?
A. at the party
B. dancing in the rain
C. fine with me
D. celebrating the holiday
E. supportive of the team

Answer: A

13. Which sentence has a dependent clause?
A. You passed the exams, so you can go now.
B. She painted the shutters, and he put them on the house.
C. They told me the secret, but I did not share it with anyone.
D. Before he went to sleep, he completed his homework.
E. I completed my homework, and I ate dinner.

Answer: D

14. Which statement is true about dependent clauses?
A. They can stand alone.
B. They depend on independent clauses to make sense.
C. They begin with coordinating conjunctions.
D. They begin with verbs.
E. They depend on other dependent clauses to make sense.

Answer: B

15. Which statement is true about independent clauses?
A. They are connected by a coordinating conjunction.
B. They have a subject but do not have a predicate.
C. They do not make complete sense on their own.
D. They are never combined with a dependent clause.
E. They always start with a subordinating conjunction.

Answer: A

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  1. 4, 10, 13 are wrong. The rest are right! :-)

    This is my favorite site for basic grammar.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. 4. A
    10. A
    13. E

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  3. 10 and 13 are still wrong. Please do not post these questions again.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. My apologies. I won't do it post them.

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  5. No apologies necessary. But I only check two guesses. On the whole, you did well on this assignment.

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    Ms. Sue

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