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NEED HELP FAST TEST STUDY GUIDE!!! Social Studies 7B – Unit 4 Lesson 8 Test Review – Postwar America Unit Test
(All page numbers are based on the online textbook.)
1. How did the United States counter Soviet influence in Asia and Africa?
(Topic 15 – p. 801)

2. Why was McCarthyism able to spread so easily in the United States? (Topic 15 – 811)

What happened after the Vietnam War spread into Vietnam but before Vietnam was united under a communist government? (Social Studies 7B – Unit 4 Lesson 8 Test Review – Postwar America Unit Test
3. Topic 15 – 851)

4. What was the impact of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution? (Topic 15 – p. 844)

5. Why did the Soviet Union want to prevent a united West Berlin?
(Topic 15 – p. 800 - 801)

6. What is one way the Vietnam War differed from other United States military involvements? (Topic 15 – 852)

7. Know about domino theory. (Topic 15 – 843 – 844)

8. What did the movement for the Equal Rights Amendment have in common with the movement against the amendment? (Topic 15 – 834)

9. Why was there a spike in Cuban immigration in the early 1960s? (Topic 15 – 830)

10. Know about Brown v. Board of Education? (Topic 15 – 821 – 823)

11. Know about the GI Bill of Rights. (Topic 15 – 813)

12. What was the outcome of the Berlin Airlift? (Topic 15 – 802)

13. Why was the Berlin Airlift necessary when the Soviet Union isolated West Berlin? (Topic 15 – 802)

14. Why was there a rise in the standard of living in the United States after World War II? (Topic 15 – 815)

15. Why didn’t countries other than the United States take a leadership role in the world after World War II? (Topic 15 – 802)

16. Know about Rosa Parks. (Topic 15 – 824)

17. How were members of the 1960s counterculture movement similar to the beatniks of the 1950s? (Topic 15 – 847)

18. How was the Vietnam War different from the United States’ previous military involvements? (Topic 15 – 846)

19. The Voting Rights Act of 1965 did not end discrimination but what did it do?
(Topic 15 – 827 - 828)

20. What led to Richard Nixon’s resignation from office?
(Topic 15 – p. 855)

21. What method of protest and fighting did Martin Luther King, Jr. believe to be the most effective in gaining civil rights? (Topic 15 – 824)

22. Know about Cubans coming to America. (Topic 15 – p. 830)

23. Know about the Great society

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  1. You probably will not get an answer since we Jiskha tutors do not have any Connexus materials!

  2. Just give the answers for the study guide!

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  3. We can't do that. You must want Connexus students to cheat for you.

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