Lesson 10: Introduction to Planet Earth Unit Test Science 6 B,
i have my answers i need someone to check them please!!
and thanks you. connexus academy answers only pls thanks.

1. which of earths spheres contains most of its mass
A. atmosphere
C. Geosphere <----

2. Erosion and weathering are examples of which type of forces
A. constructive forces <---- i said this one
B. destructive forces
C. Gravitational forces
D. Inertia-related forces

3.Which of the following statements about the composition of the earths atmosphere is true?
A. Earths atmosphere contains 78 percent of water vapor, which essential
to life.
B. Earths atmosphere contains 21 percent oxygen. <-----
C. Earths atmosphere contains carbon dioxide which all life forms require.
D.Earths atmosphere allows radiation from the sun to pass though it and
warm the earths surface.
4.The strength of the force of gravity between two objects is determined
by which of the following factors. select all that apply.

A.The mass of objects <-----
B.The distance between the objects
C. The volumes of objects <----
D. The the surface area of objects

5. The earth and moon are kept in there respective orbits due to the influence of
A. inertia
B. gravtiy
C. Both inertia and gravity <----
D. Neither inertia and gravity

I can not post anymore so can someone who is one this post more

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  1. i dont know sorry

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  2. Let me check it out and I will tell you. I am so sorry if I am so late

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  3. I may be late for some people, but hopefully I can help those who need help in the future. Here are my answers, I do not lie about this because I love helping people so here it goes.

    2.B-Destructive Forces
    3.B-Contains 21% oxygen
    4.A and B- The masses and the distance between...
    5.C-Both Inertia and gravity
    6.A-1 day 1 year
    7. D- Near the south pole or north pole
    8.D-Earths rotation on its axis
    9.B-Dry and irregular
    10.C-because the moon rotates once on its axis...
    11.D-Full moon
    12.A-14 days
    13.D-When the sun, moon and earth...
    14. C- When the suns pull is at a right angle...
    15.B- Because earths gravity is strong
    16.A- Forces that build up or create...
    17. C- The suns ray...
    18. False
    19. A and C- We see more lighted sides of the moon, and to grow new to full moon is 2 weeks.
    I am so sorry but my teacher has not graded my essay ones and I do not want to put them down and then get them wrong so you may need to get them somewhere else. Sorry. :( But here are the rest you will get a 100% promise!!! ;) have a blessed life

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  4. Thank you!

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  5. Thanks

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  6. Thank You Y.T.M

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  7. thank a lot y.t.m I think I have a bc of you

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  8. Djdidisk

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