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You are researching the following question: What causes tornadoes? Choose the best query to use when searching for the answer.
1. Causes NOT tornadoes
2. Tornadoes OR causes
3. ''tornado causes''
4. causes - tornadoes

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  1. What do you think the answer is?

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  2. I don't think any of them are correct. All would restrict information instead of finding what you're looking for. I suspect your text and resulting tests/quizzes are outdated.

    Simply causes tornadoes would get the job done. Which of those choices is closest in phrasing to my suggestion?

  3. if u are doing Lesson 8: Digital Literacy I: Successful Searches Educational Technology and Online Learning 6 Unit 6: Internet Safety the answers are
    1. A: a website that searches for specific information on the World Wide Web
    2. C: Google
    3. D:Search engines often provide different results, even when you enter the same query.
    4. C:“tornado causes”

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    posted by unicorns
  4. ur welcome

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    posted by unicorns

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