What is the relationship between two lines whose slopes are −7 and 1/7?
a) The lines are parallel to each other
b) The lines are mirror images of each other, reflected over the x-axis
c) The lines always cross at the origin.
d) The lines are mirror images of each other, reflected over the y-axis.
e) The lines are perpendicular to each other.

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asked by ghost
  1. I am going to graph
    y = -7x and y = (1/7)x for you,+y+%3D+(1%2F7)x+%2B1+from+-10+to+10

    let you decide how they are related.
    Notice Wolfram used a different scale for the y-axis than the x-axis,
    making y = (1/7)x look like it falls on the x-axis. It doesn't !

    suggestion: plot a few points for each one, draw the straight line on a 1:1 scale grid.

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    posted by Reiny

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