can someone who is knowledgeable in english literature please check my answers thank you.
1.)which of the following phrases from ''the rear-guard'' is an oxymoron?
a.''blackening wound''
b.''stinking place''
c.''rosy gloom''
d.''unanswering heap''
i chose c am i correct?
2.)''the hollow men''contains allusions to all of the following except:
a.karl marx and darwin
b.shakespeare and dante
c.british history and nursery rhymes
d.ancient greek philosophy and christian beliefs
i chose a am i correct?
3.)which of the following is the best example of a logical appeal?
a.an argument using evidence and examples
b.an argument using strong language and references to god
c.an argument encouraging listeners and readers to make a moral choice
d.an argument given in order of importance
i chose a am i correct?
4.)an inference about a symbol?
a.must be expressed in terms of another symbol
b.is usually not based on much evidence
c.can lead to insights about the theme
d.is always also an insight into a character
i chose c am i correct?
5.)which aspect of ''on the bottom'' indicates that it is a memoir and not a history?
a.the author narrates his own experiences in the first person
b.it concerns events that some people living still remember
c.its about the nazi holocaust
d.it describes specific events in the lives of specific individuals
i chose a am i correct?
6.)which statement about the rhetoric of the three texts in the '' defending human rights'' topic is true?
a.the ''universal declaration of human rights'' is written in a deliberately obscure style in order to confuse censors
b.desmond tutu's experience as a clergyman has enriched his sentence rhythms and his imagery
c.tailoring her speech for a mass audience,aung san suu kyi has used short ,crisp sentences and simple words
d.all three documents are written in essentially the same impersonal prose style
i chose c am i correct
7.)a theme in literature reflects an author's ?
i chose c am i correct?
8.)in ''the second coming,'' what is yeats' prophecy for modern civilization?
a.world war 2 will kill millions of civilians and soldiers
b.the united states will become the dominant world power
c.western civilization will enter a period of decline
d.science will find cures for many previously fatal diseases
i chose c am i correct?
9.)in his poem ''the lake isle of innisfree,''yeats seems to favor vowel sounds over hard consonants this emphasis conveys to the reader a sense of ?
i chose b am i correct?
10.)the swans in ''the wild swans at coole'' most likely symbolize
a.faithlessness and distrust
b.fragility and purity
c.the flight from life's problems
d.beauty and timelessness
i chose d am i correct?
11.) the use of flashbacks in ''the demon lover''
a.clearly lays out mrs.drover's childhood
b.reveals important historical information about world war 1
c.gives you a picture of mrs.drover over the years
d.explains the lover's reasons for pursuing mrs.drover
i chose c am i correct?
12.)''do not go gentle into that good night''is an elegy because it?
a.is ironic
c.expresses grief
d.expresses joy
i chose c am i correct?
13.)in ''araby,'' which of the boy's thoughts is ironic?
a.he worries that he is going to be late for the bazaar
b.he has a crush on mangan's sister
c.he is anxious for his uncle to return home
d.he thinks of the package in his arms as a sacred chalice
i chose c am i correct?
14.)which of the following poems is the best example of a villanelle?
a.''do not go gentle into that good night''
b.''the wild swans at coole''
c.''fern hill''
d.''musee des beaux arts''
i chose a am i correct?
15.)by saying,''i have nothing to offer but blood,toil,tears,and sweat,'' churchchill is implying that?
a.he is not fully qualified to be prime minister
b.he expects the united states to provide the material means to fight the war
c.britain must make up with effort what it lacks in military and industrial power
d.he doesn't believe that britain can win the war
i chose c am i correct ?

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asked by Joshua
  1. These are so specific to whatever you've read, I doubt anyone here can tell if you're correct about all or not.

    I agree with you about these, though:
    4 could be c and d

  2. ok thank you writeacher i know that these question are specific to what i have read but i wanted someone to look over them thank you for looking over them
    anyways you said that i got 1,3,7,8,9,11,12,14,15 correct right and 4 could be c or d

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    posted by Joshua
  3. Yes.

  4. ok thank very much writeacher i apperciate all your help

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    posted by Joshua

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