Emma: I couldn't sleep a wink all night. Every time I shut my eyes, I saw equations.
Keegan: Emma, you always worry before tests. Remember, we talked for an hour before last algebra test. And you got an A, You always get A's.
Emma. Yes, but this time is different! If I don't get an A, I might as well forget my chances of ever getting to the best colleges.
1. Based on her dialogue, which word best describes Emma?
A) confident
B) worried =^..^=
C) friendly
D) dishonest

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asked by Sliverstream
  1. Yes i think you are correct.

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    posted by I am the ONE The oNE
  2. Thank you, ''I am the One The oNE"

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    posted by Sliverstream
  3. Your Welcome :)

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    posted by I am the ONE The oNE
  4. "your" -- use when you own something
    "you're" -- use when you mean "you are"

    If you want to help, at least use correct English!

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