20. compare and contrast a quincha home and a tambo home. write your answer in English.

21. describe two leaning industries of Aaguadulce and why they developed. answer in English.

22. how does the value of panamanain balboa compare to U.S dollar and why is this so. answer in English

24. describe a diablico sucio write you answer in English.

25. who were the cronistas of the new world and how did they influence it. writ your answer in English

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  1. Jiskha has no Spanish tutor at this time. Sorry.

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  2. I'm responding to #20. I'm only going to give out a few deets on question 20.
    Quincha homes are earthquake resistant and Tambo homes are not. Quincha homes are sturdy and are made of wood and other things.Tambo homes are made for things like the military.

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  3. 20. Quincha homes are homes that provide a good and sturdy structure made from wood, cane, or reef. Tambo homes are used by Ican civilizations as a house for military and administrative purposes. Both are different structures that fit their multiple purpose in Spain and in the Incan civilization.
    21. Aguadulce is well known because of its two most important agricultural industries. That is, the agricultural use and sugar cane plantation . On the other hand, Aguadulce is also known for its salt production through sea water evaporation.
    22. Panama uses the US dollar as its currency. The Balboa is supposedly the local currency with an exchange rate is 1 to 1. However there are only Balboa coins of 5,10 25 and 50 cents. which are equal to US coins of the same amount. They use the US dollar because of its use as international converse with all kinds of buyers.
    24. The Diablito Sucio is a dance in Panama where people dress up as devils. This can be considered one of the eldest and ancient celebrations. A Diablito SUcio suit can cost up to $2,000 dollars. The Diablito Sucio is a representation of the Corpus Christi.
    25. Cronistas took note of the important events during the Spanish conquest. However, they only consider their own point of view. They are the equivalent of historians and are often appointed. The individuals who have this position were the ones who studied diligently.

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  4. Yessss this is so correct

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  5. The person is a true hero, thank you!

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  6. thanks sooosoososos much everyone and @The person!!!

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  7. THANK YOU SO MUCH @The Person!!!!!

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  9. 20. Well, quincha homes are usually sturdy and made out of wood or other materials ( they are used as actual homes). Tambo homes, however, are used as military homes. They both have different structures and different purposes.
    21. The two industries are salt and sugar cane. It was near the sea so that made it easier to produce salt considering that salt is produced from the evaporation of sea water. Also, sugar can grows the best in tropical temperatures and that perfectly describes Aguadulce. These two reasons were enough for the development of the two leading industries of Aguadulce.
    22. The Panamanian balboa was named after the European explorer Vasco Nunez De Balboa. As of 1903, the U.S. dollar and the Panamanian balboa have been equals and both were accepted in Panama. However, the balboas have since died off as if they never existed. Now, everyone uses U.S. dollars in Panama. Panama does have it's own coins though, that are worth the exact same as U.S. coins, but they have different names.
    23. -------I can't give you this one because it has to be for your own home
    24. "Diablico Sucio" is a Panamanian character dressed in red and black stripes and a fantastic mask made of paper mache. "Sucio" means "dirty" and "diablico" means "devil", so the diablico sucio is a dirty devil. They usually show up on the streets during the feast of corpus christi.They are called dirty because their clothing used to be made of blankets, painted red and black with coloring from the red achioteseeds and black coal. When the colors bled together, they looked dirty.
    25. Cronistas basically are the ones who took note of the main important events during the Spanish conquest. They only consider their own point of view and don't consider others though. They are basically just historians. The individuals that have this position is the ones who studied hard and had a good reputation for their side of the stories.

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