Both primary and secondary succession begin with pioneer species that-
A. Change the area and make it safer from predatory organisms.
B. Invade the area so that new organisms cannot be established.
C. Modify the rea and allow larger and more complex organisms to appear.
D. Use up all the existing resources and prevent establishment of non-native organisms.
please get to me as soon as you can, no rush, thank you <3

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  1. Aye, thank you for being polite. What's your best guess at the moment?

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  2. My bad, I forgot, I think C, but I'm not to sure.

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  3. I think you are right. Pioneer species are meant to fix damaged ecosystems for new species to move into that area, all of the other answers have to do with preventing other creatures from coming in.

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  4. Thank you<3

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  5. You're welcome! ^^

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