social studies

diversity most closely means
A. sharing culture traits and practices with others
B. making up a whole of many different parts
C. being a member of a small ethnic group
D. having many similar religions to one another
my answer C

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  1. No. Google diversity to find its meaning.

  2. then is it B

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  3. Yes, B.

  4. thanks ms.sue
    what about this am i right
    how does life in instanbul differ from life in rural turkey
    A. instanbul is more modern then rural turkey
    B. women do not work outside the house, wear as they do work outside the hose in rural turkey
    C. instanbul does not have a mixed economy , and rural turkey does
    D. Istanbul is democratic, and rural turkey is ruled by dictators
    my answer is A

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  5. Absolutely right.

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