Calc 3

The oracle function f(x,y) is presented below. For each point (x,y) you enter the oracle will tell you the value f(x,y). Estimate the partial derivative of the function at (1.6,−0.0999999999999999) using the Newton quotient definition.

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asked by ally
  1. you need a difference. if you are looking at the given point, try these points into the oracle x=1.59, and x=1.61 (h=.02), and you now have f(x+h), and f(x)
    then it will give you f(x) at those points, then do this

  2. Suppose you want ∂f/∂y
    We can approximate that by
    (f(x,y+h)-f(x,y)) / h
    So just plug and chug. For ease of typing, I'll use (1.6,-0.099)
    You can add as many zeroes as you want.
    You have not said what f(1.6,-0.1) is, so that's all I can say at the moment.

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    posted by oobleck

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