From twitter to Facebook rapid advances in technology are providing humans with a variety of ways to communicate,keep in touch,and observe events in the lives of others.
Many believe that with these technological changes comes a loss of close human relationships ;that genuine relationships are being replaced with more artificial and superficial interactions.

WRITE AN ESSAY IN WHICH YOU TAKE A POSITION ON THIS SUBJECT YOUR VIEW WITH APPROPRIATE EVIDENCE.*dont need you to actually write the essay just need some help getting information etc*

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  1. Try going to www.google.com and then http://scholar.google.com and search for these phrases:

    effects of social media on human relationships
    social media hurts human relationships
    social media expands human relationships

    In doing so, other search terms may come to mind. Don't hesitate to search for them, too.

    Here's a really good webpage (bookmark it!) from which you can learn to use Google really efficiently:
    Scroll down to HOW TO GOOGLE and keep scrolling. You'll get lots of ideas for narrowing your searches, including what NOT to include in a search!

  2. http://www.collegiatetimes.com/opinion/technology-destroys-interpersonal-communication/article_9af9d508-244c-5cdf-9bbf-312152f682f4.html


    And here's a minority viewpoint. The internet provides human contact for those who are physically disabled and are housebound.

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