Which of the main reasons for secession was most important in Texas' decision to secede? Justify your reasoning.

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  1. What are your answer choices?

  2. I dont have any. It is a short answer response

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  3. https://www.tshaonline.org/home/ <~~Bookmark that website!

    Scroll down and find the search feature. It's red. You can't miss it! Then search for articles on secession. There are probably several.

  4. All I need to know is how to start it. It is over-due and I'm stressed

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  5. The most important reason for Texas's decision to secede was . . .

  6. Belief in States Rights?

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  7. Is that what your text or the link say?

  8. Neitheir. It was my guess

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  9. My guess is that answer is wrong.

  10. Why are you guessing when you have actual sources to read and learn from -- your text, any supplemental works your school has provided, the Texas State Historical Association's incredible website ... ?

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