I need a rap, it has to include everything in the picture. Intro has to be short, verse has to be 3-5 lines, outright has to be 2-3 line, middle 8 has to be 4-5 lines. It has to rhyme.

I need the title Winner Forever. It has to be about Winner Forever.

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  1. It has to be AABB

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  2. Why exactly do you need a rap?

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  3. It’s for music class. We have to sing or rap for the whole class. I suck at singing.

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  4. Oh gosh, I'm a horrible singer too. Please know that I haven't disappeared and I'll hook you up with some ideas. ^^;

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  5. Thank you so much

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  6. "I need a rap..." <~~Does that mean you expect someone else to write the whole thing for you?

    (shaking my head)

  7. what does it have to be about

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  8. Life, and write teacher no not the whole thing at least 2 verses.

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