Social Studies

1. Why did some leaders of Middle Eastern nations oppose secular governments there?

A.They believed in Westernization.
B. They thought Muslim nations should follow Islamic law.
C. They opposed governments controlled by religious leaders.
D. They wanted to establish communist governments.

2. What was the main goal of the Chinese citizens who protested the Chinese government in the late 1980s?

A. to demand access to food and water
B. to demand fairer wages
C. to demand greater political freedom
D. to demand improved schools

3. What was the main reason for Cold War conflicts between the superpowers?

A. differences over political ideologies
B. the peace terms of World War II
C. the Soviet refusal to sign arms agreements
D. U.S. trade agreements with China

4. Why does religious fundamentalism cause conflict in the Middle East?

A. Some fundamentalists are also extremists.
B. Fundamentalists are opposed to the mix of government and religion.
C. Secular governments want to end the practice of religion.
D. Fundamentalist governments support Western ideas.

5. What was the main reason for the war in the former Yugoslavia?

A. lack of resources
B. ethnic conflict
C. desire for an empire
D. interference by Western nations

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  1. And you think ... ?

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    B, C, C, B, A?

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