Texas History

What effect did vagrancy laws have on African Americans?
A. The laws allowed African Americans to be arrested unfairly.
B. The laws gave African Americans land or farms.
C. The laws provided African Americans with voting rights.
D. The laws required that there be African American government officials.

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  1. And you think it's ... ?

  2. I think it might be A, but I'm not too sure on my answer.

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  3. Have you looked up the meaning of "vagrancy"?

    Eliminate the choices that have nothing to do with vagrancy, and then let me know what you think.

  4. I change my answer to B. Am I correct?

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  5. No -- you had the right answer the first time. I just wanted to make sure you know what "vagrancy" means.

  6. Oh, ok. Thank you Writeacher.

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  7. You're welcome.

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