Social Studies

In Shinto, the kami are
A.powerful gods who created the world
B.merciful beings who lead others to enlightenment
C.teachers who stress discipline and self-control
D.local spirits !@#$%^&present aspects of nature

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  2. hi


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  3. If you read your textbook, then you would know that the Kami are spirits, which means that D. local spirits !@#$%^&present aspects of nature. Is correct? Was this helpful?

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  4. I juz took it and made 100%
    1.performed for the common people
    4.architecture, painting styles, gardening
    5. Zen Buddhism

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  5. Trae my good sir thank you 100%

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  6. what are the ansers for qwertyuiopasdfghjklzxcvbnm


  7. ace is garbage

  8. ace is garabage

  9. trae is right

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