1. If you turn on the burner on a gas stove under a pan of cold water, energy moves from the burner to the pan of water. What is this type of energy transfer called?

2. If you burn wood in a fireplace, which type of energy resource are you using?

3. Which form of energy is an important factor in making electricity from water power?

4. What is a hydrocarbon?

5. What byproduct of nuclear energy has caused concerns about the use of this resource and why?

6. What are two important fuels that comes out of the oil refining process?

7. Which chemical element exposed in surface coal mining can cause environmental problems in nearby bodies of water?

8. Why does natural gas need to be processed before it can be used as a fuel?

9. Since nuclear power is clean, why is it not used more extensively in the United States?

10. What is the original source of most energy used on Earth?

11. When we burn a fuel, what is released that allows work to be done?

12. For biomass, solar, coal, natural gas, oil, and geothermal energy, identify each energy resource as renewable or non-renewable.

13. What factors are important in judging how helpful an energy resource is to us?

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  1. Hi
    Is this a test because there is a lot of questions. I will not give you the answers but I can give you some hints.

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  2. First, Casey needs to indicate what S/HE thinks the answers are. Then someone can check her/his thinking.

  3. Good thinking "writeacher"!!! Now Casey, what do you think that # 1,2 and 3 are and then we will go from there!!! Sound Good ?

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  4. thanks but yahoo answers gave me everything i needed

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  5. dont always hope there is anwers everywhere do you know IStep they wont let you cheat so try solving it first then let us know what you think!

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