Which ensemble in the concerto grosso is the largest?
A. concertino
B. continuo**
C. ripieno
D. solo

Which tempo pattern is most common among movements within a Baroque concerto?
A. fast-slow-fast
B. slow-fast-slow**
C. fast-slow-slow
D. fast-fast-slow

What is a cadenza?
A. a solo passage played by one instrument**
B. a passage where all the instruments play together at once
C. a small ensemble of soloists
D. a supportive bass part typically played by one or more bass
instruments and a keyboard instrument

What is a ritornello?
A. a recurring rhythm
B. a recurring theme
C. a recurring harmony**
D. a recurring articulation

What is a continuo?
A. a supportive bass part typically played by one or more bass **
instruments and a keyboard instrument in Baroque music
B. a system of 24 equal major and minor keys
C. a melodic line in Baroque music played by instruments with high
voice ranges
D. a returning theme

Please help if you can thank you !

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  1. So am I not gonna get no help ? :(

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  2. 1.c

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  8. Grammar mistakes there is supposed to be a space between each period.

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  9. Ty Sooo!! Much!

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