Into which political unit is the World primary organize one international organization to limited governments three National Organization for nation-states

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  1. Your post is very garbled and nearly impossible to understand. Please do these things:
    ~ Use correct capitalization and punctuation.
    ~ Put any answer choices into a numbered list.

    Please put your re-written question/answer choices below.

  2. I'm sorry number 1 into which political unit is the world primarily organized? A international organizations B limited governments C regional organizations
    D National States
    2 which of the function would be international organization not perform? A The engage greater trade among nation-states B help establish theories between nation states C set binding laws for nation-states D support multinational Health and education services
    3 one main purpose of government is to A maintain order and security for citizens B holding meetings for citizens to discuss issues C set up elections for citizens to vote on issue and elect representatives D detail citizens which candidates and issues to support
    4 Asha lives in the nation's that has Parliament and prime minister citizens of her country vote in election to choose their primarily Representatives than the parliament choose the Prime Minister does asha's Nation have a limited and unlimited government?

    There are 22 but all I want is up to 17 please it is for Connexus Academy

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  3. Nope!

    And if anyone posts the answers, you'll both be banned for cheating.

    However, if you indicate what YOU THINK the answers are for the ones you did post, someone here might be able to help.

    PS -- If your computer isn't working right, you need to get to your local library and ask a librarian to help you use one of their computers.

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