1. What is the MAIN cause of increased erosion, especially for soil?
A) strong winds
B) flash floods
C) human activity*******
D) movement of glaciers

2. Which of these oceanic landforms is similar to a canyon?
A) valley
B) seamount
C) ocean trench*********
D) the mid-ocean ridge

3. Weathering is a process that helps make soil. All but one statement describes how rocks may be weathered. That is:
A) Water fills tiny spaces inside a rock.
B) Rock pieces are moved from place to place.*********
C) Plant roots can grow between cracks in rocks.
D) Living things, like moss and lichens, chemically break down rocks.

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  1. #2 I agree with you
    #3 I agree with you
    And I am sorry but I am not sure about number 1

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  3. NO

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