social studies

8. The most valuable item traded between French colonists and Native Americans
was _spices____.

9. The slave trade grew dramatically in the Americas in the mid-1500s mainly due to
Native Americans refused to work in the fields or in the mines.___ becoming an important export.

10.The Portuguese rulers profited from it affected the Portuguese empire because it caused
economic hardship in the empire.

How was Magellan's voyage different from that of Columbus?

Magellan sailed west across the Atlantic to reach the Caribbean.

Magellan sailed south down the coast of South America.*****

Magellan sailed east around Africa to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Magellan sailed north around Europe to reach the Pacific Ocean.

Question 12 of 20
Which region led the world in agriculture and manufacturing during the 1500s and 1600s?

A. *****


North America

South America

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  1. Your answer about Magellan is right. The others are wrong.

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