linear algebra

1.solve x-7>10
this is for the solving multiple step inequalities please help with all ten questions i have
warning these are what i have and are not correct

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  1. #1 nope. Add 7 to both sides
    the rest, I have no idea...
    Maybe if you provided
    (a) the questions
    (b) your work
    we could see why you think your answers are incorrect.
    By the way, you can always check the values in the original questions, to see whether they work, eh? ...

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  2. thats why i wanted help from someone !@#$%^&cently did the quiz because i dont have time to wright all of that out i admire the people who have that time i just dont thx anyways

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  3. how all i asked is for someone to tell me if these
    were right and that someone who knew the right answers to tell me if mine were right

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  4. and all steve did was tell me i needed or should post all the questions

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  5. This site is for tutors to help students solve problems.
    Even if someone (presumably another student) responded with an assessment of your choices, you would have no idea whether they were correct, would you?

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  6. 1. c
    explanation: all you have to do is add 7 to -7 then do the same for the 10 which would be 10 + 7 which equals 17 so therefore the answer is C.

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  7. So that one person who needed help at the top, he chose random a b c or d because on 5 I you type in the answer so it is not multiple choice so he wasn’t actually trying to show his work.

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  8. whats the answer?

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  9. Im confuzeled

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  10. According to my calculations, the complete correct answer is c. I only know this because I looked at everyone else's answers.

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