the following questions are based on "The Prisoner Who Wore Glasses"
answer the following questions ONLY if you have read or going to read the story
What metaphor represents the contrast between the warder’s eyes and the sky?
-the prisoners and the warders
-the workers of the span and the other prisoners
-the prison and the outside world*
-Brille's family and prison life

Hannetjie is best described as a(n)
-stock character
-flat character

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  1. i have a 3 question assessment, so one question missed really counts

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  2. i finally found the answer to my own question and i was right in the first place. maybe it would have been better not asking on jiskha ._.

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  3. It's always best to rely on your own reading and thinking.

    Others like to joke around; others are just plain wrong; teachers mix up the answers; etc.

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  4. you bet

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  5. teacher mix up the answers what should i do?

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  6. The answers for this assessment:
    1. A. Cringe
    2. C. the prison and the outside world
    3. C. antagonist

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  7. uhhhh is 100% right

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  8. uh- is 100% correct :)

    good luck on the remainder of the semester! you got this <3

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