Social Studies

Fill in the blank. The Kievan rus developed close ties with the Byzantines leading early Russia to adopt ___ The First Russian empire revered the roman and byzantine empires, and adopted the Title of ___ for its emperors in honor of former rulers in Rome. The answer choices are: Eastern Orthodoxy, Greek Fire, Roman Catholicism, Caesar, Patriarch, and Tsar. I think the first one is Eastern Orthodoxy and the second one is Patriarch. Are these correct?

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  1. I agree with both your answers.

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  2. The real answers are Eastern Orthodoxy and Tsars/ come on write teacher you can do better than that.

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  3. LOL

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  4. ppl plz stop hating people

    i agree with your first answer but im not sure wut the second fill in the blank is that is why i came to this website

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  5. second answer is tsar.

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