Texas History

What troubled Manuel de Mier y Teran when he visited Texas, which he reported to the Mexican government?
I picked "A. the amount of slavery in the state" because he was angry that Americans who arrived didn't respect the rule of "no slavery". Then I'm conflicted with "C. the amount of Americans immigrants who hadn't adopted Mexican culture." because American immigrants who arrived were to agree to adopt the Mexican culture.

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  1. “As one covers the distance from Béjar to this town, he will note that Mexican influence is proportionately diminished until on arriving in this place he will see that it is almost nothing. And indeed, whence could such influence come? Hardly from superior numbers in population, since the ratio of Mexicans to foreigners is one to ten; certainly not from the superior character of the Mexican population, for exactly the opposite is true, the Mexicans of this town comprising what in all countries is called the lowest class-the very poor and very ignorant.”

    -Excerpt from Mier y Terán Report, Nacogdoches, June 30, 1828

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