Included w/ the Book Review Forms, you will need to include at least 2 - 3 photos of YOU w/ the actual books you reviewed. Please do not include photos of your children holding the books. You must actually be included in the photos. The photos should be included at the end of all of the book reviews. Photos need to include you along w/ all of the books clearly displayed w/ the covers visible in the photos. It may take 2 - 3 photos so that each book can be seen clearly. Be sure that you are visible in all photos.

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  1. What don't you understand?

  2. What does it mean by end of the book reviews? Am I supposed to take a picture of myself with all of the books?

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    posted by Betty
  3. Patrick/Betty <~~??

    That's what it says!

    " ... include at least 2 - 3 photos of YOU w/ the actual books you reviewed."

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