Health questions

We both asked these questions yesterday but we are both confused.

1.Giardiaqsis is a communicable illness

A. through direct and indirect
contact with infected fecal

B. by touching the moist lining
of the eyes and nose.

2. Lyme disease is caused by:

A. a parasite
B. a virus

We are confused with the first question
because we are thinking giardsis can be
transmitted by touching the moist lining of the nose and mouth. We know it is transmitted through direct and
indirect contact with infected fecal
material. Would the correct answer be
(A) or (B)?

2. Lyme disease is a bacterial illness,
but is it caused by a virus or a
Aren't the infected ticks a parasite?
But a bacterial illness is a virus,
isn't it?
Which would be the correct answer for
the second question?
a virus, or a parasite?

Please reply, we both are confused!

I think you mean Giardiasis. This is caused by a type of single-celled organism called a protozoon that lives in the gut. It is one of the world's most common causes of diarrhoeal illness and is spread by ingesting fecal contaminated materials.

Lyme disease as you say is a bacterial illness carried by a tick. Bacteria are not viruses.

This should give you enough information.

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