English- Degrees of Comparison

_____ 1. That was the Worse/Worst painting Jeremy had ever seen.
_____ 2. We all needed to dress more warm/warmer than usual.

1. Worst (because of the past (was))
2. Warmer ( because of "needed")

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  1. Both are right.

    However, the more correct phrase for 2 -- We all needed to dress more warmly than usual.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. “Worse” is the comparative form, and it’s used when comparing/contrasting TWO things or people.

    “Worst” is the superlative form, used when comparing/contrasting THREE OR MORE things or people.

    Neither answer is correct for #2. There should be an adverb there, not an adjective.

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  3. Yes, but that wasnt really a option just those to, Both the sentences are weirdly placed in my opinion

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  4. It's sad that the text author who is supposed to teach students English is incompetent.

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    Ms. Sue
  5. Ikr!! This is just huuuuuuhh

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