On 9/1, you take your paycheck into the bank and decide that you want to open a checking account with $400.00. The bank gives you some starter checks so you can start using the account until your first order of checks come.

On 9/2, you pay your electric bill of $57.38, using the first starter check.

On 9/8, you use your newly arrived debit card to purchase $33.50 of gas at Gas-mart.

On 9/10, your friend gives you $20 which you deposit into your account.

Please figure out what your balance would be based on the information above. You MUST show your work to receive partial credit. I do not need to see a register. I am looking to make sure you understand how to arrive at the correct balance. Im really thankful for any help.

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  1. 400.00 - 57.38 - 33.50 + 20.00 = ???

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